Monthly Archives: February 2022

New Shoe Brand Hoog Shoes Growth

The size of the global footwear market was almost $365.5 billion in 2020 and the value is said to cross $530.3 billion in 2027. To be honest, competing in such potential and growing market is not easy. It takes authentic quality and value-adding products to achieve revenue growth. Being the top-selling brand in UAE and GCC countries, Hoog experienced a…

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The best private label shoe manufacturer

Both offline and online retailers get their products from suppliers. Not many label manufacturers sell their brand directly to consumers. At Hoog we specialize in developing complete private label and help you starting your own footwear business. The Hoog team will advise you in the footsteps of building a victorious footwear brand. We have many years of experience in private label…

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The Footwear franchise plan to start your shoe business

Hoog is a leading shoe design house and supplier. The team behind Hoog has studied the latest global fashion trends of the shoe industry. The team of experts at Hood specialize in product manufacturing, merchandising, sourcing and distribution. If you are looking for premium goods, Hoog will help you grow your private shoe manufacturing business. The company offers reliable and…

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