An Overview Of Different Types Of Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are popular due to their versatile and classic nature. Depending on the design, you can wear this type of footwear to nearly all types of occasions. They are easy to clean, comfortable to wear, durable, and offer value for money. So, what are the different types of leather shoes that you can find on the market?


These leather shoes are made with calfskin i.e. leather from young cows. The history of calfskin dates back to medieval times and during the early renaissance. It was very popular since the use of paper wasn’t a thing.

However, the design of calfskin shoes has evolved over the years. They are thin with fine grain since the material is extracted from young cows. As a result, this type of leather tends to be blemish-free yet still durable. Generally, calfskin shoes will effectively respond to quality polish. For long-lasting use, always treat them well.


This type of shoe leather comes from cows and that’s why it’s almost similar to calfskin. However, cowhides are used as byproducts of the meat industry. Besides that, this leather usually comes from older cattle and as a result, it’s thicker.

It’s ideal for making highly durable shoes for long-lasting use since this material can withstand high levels of friction. Cowhides can measure between 1.6 and 2.5 millimeters thick and with their fibrous nature, these types of shoes offer value for money.

There are several types of cowhide and they include:

Bullhide leather -it specifically comes from the cows’ shoulders. As a result, bull hide is thicker and stronger and so the shoes have excellent protective properties.

Apache – it’s also known as the crazy horse or distressed leather. Apache shoes are made by treating the leather with oil and wax to create an “old” looking or vintage shoes that are brand new. The combination of wax and oil helps to create a durable and waterproof product that’s great for utility purposes.


You can’t mention types of leather shoes without including suede. Suede leather shoes are made with the skin’s flesh side but the skin has to be first buffed before undergoing sanding to create an even texture.

Generally, these shoes are usually pliable and thin so they tend to feel like delicate gloves. So, they are ideal for light wearing and in spaces where you are less likely to come in contact with constant friction. These are fragile leather shoes that make perfect formal wear shoes. At Hoog, they feature pristine quality suede, sourced from the best ethical tanneries around the world.


Chamois shoes feature leather from the European mountain goat or sheepskin. These shoes are porous due to the natural nature of this leather. The leather material is popular due to its smooth and gentle nature. Besides that, it also has non-abrasive composition.

The design process of these shoes involves sanding and buffing the skin in order to reveal the flesh split and remove the grain. Chamois is almost similar to suede due to its soft nature and thin nap. The shoes are normally ideal for casual wear and they don’t need constant shining.