Best Genuine leather shoes in Dubai

Think before you choose a shoe!

Shoes are the most attractive thing a man can ever wear. A human can feel the aesthetics and luxury by wearing a customized shoe. While a style like Leonardo Decaprio would look stunning, the effort to make it comes from choosing the best type of shoes. Each outfit matches a particular type of shoe. For example, professional wear such as a suit and a tie requires oxford or brogue shoes, whereas normal track pants can be styled with vague sneakers.

Genuine leather shoes are truly authentic!

Genuine leathers are the materials that are at the top of the world. They fall into the purest leather categories worldwide because of their plethora of advantages. Be it the charming property or quality. 

Genuine leather is like the jewel in the crown. The most precious, expensive, fashionable, and durable material an artisan can ever use. Genuine leather is so unique because of its undeniable quality and the style it imparts into the shoe design. It creates a flow and the finesse finishing that no material can ever design. 

Why are private label shoe businesses obsessed with genuine leather?

Private label businesses are business that manufactures products. Companies and brands purchase them and sell them under their name. That is called a private label business. The private label shoe business works on the same principle, and they design shoes that aptly describe today’s world’s trends and luxury. 

Hoog store is one of that kind. You’ll get the real beauty and essence of true craftsmanship and design. The knowledge and art of our team of experts have shown the world-class graphics of the shoes that every human will genuinely embrace. Hoog store is laid by the foundation of ‘Quality- never compromised,’ and this is Hoog’s ultimate mission and vision. And that is why Hoog has emerged as the leading private label company in Dubai.

What makes Hoog designers so obsessed with genuine leather?

Here are some features of genuine leather in a nutshell.

  1. The softness of the material urges anyone to be comfortable.
  2. The flexibility allows the shoe to silhouette the shape of the feet.
  3. Perforated holes on the shoe that make our feet breathe easy!
  4. Absorbs moisture quickly so that your feet won’t be soggy.
  5. Long-lasting.

Having said some of the best qualities of leather, why not consider some of the best leather shoes available in Dubai?

Here are some of the best shoes in Dubai that are made of genuine leather.

Brogues :  The name ‘Brogue’ is derived from the Greek word Brog, which means shoe. It is a low-heeled shoe with perforations on the upper leather, making it much more comfortable for those wearing it. These perforations are known as Broguing. Although these may seem almost similar to Oxford shoes, they have a single cause to distinguish their perforations. These are the best type of shoes that professional outfits can accompany. Brogues are the kind of footwear that represents dignity and boldness. You can experience the beauty in the serrated edges shoe with a finesse finishing that makes anyone look like a luminary.

Loafers :  Loafers are laceless shoes that are a name for the style. These are utterly laceless that you would slip on and off readily handy. The name suggests meaning to ‘loaf’ around and can be easily worn in and around the house. These loafer shoes are featured by moccasin type of feature on the upper vamp of the shoe. Many people often confuse this with wearing formal, but these shoes are not standard. They are worn casually because of their lack of laces and smooth compatibility with casuals.

Oxford shoes :  If you are looking for the correct type of formal shoes for your suit, you must reach out to oxford shoes. The main difference between oxford and derby shoes is that oxford shoes have eyelet tubes that are stitched underneath the vamp. But derby shoes have eyelets stitched above the shoe’s vamp. These are ultra-formal shoes that can great fit your casual business style. Great for meet-ups, presentations, and many business meetings. Oxfords are a great fit for the black sensations. The black tie, pants, a black suit, and an oxford shoe work magically to wear!

There are still many types of shoes that are versatile and are the incarnations of pure leather! As aforementioned, they are a tad-bit expensive but are long-lasting and are bang for the buck! Hoog Store has a fantastic range of shoes that are well-presentable and royal. Hoog has always produced captivating products that hit everyone’s attention.