Custom-made shoes- private label production

The best quality shoes are not just born; they are created from the womb of a craftsman. With the proper knowledge and enough man cum machine power, we are enabled to manufacture the leading and ever-worn shoes in mankind. From choosing suitable raw materials to packaging with love, passion, and charm, our store has shown phenomenal diversity and an excellent range of shoes such as oxford, brogues, and loafer leather shoes.

A perfectly tailored shoe would be as fit as a fiddle only if it’s custom-made. Custom-made shoes fit the user’s foot as accurately as Cinderella’s shoes. And only a well-trained and experienced private label business could do it.

With an expert team of designers who are magnificent in decoding the current patterns and trends in the shoe industry, we emerge as the best private label shoe business in Dubai. Our signature role lies in designing, product crafting, merchandise, sourcing, and product distribution.

What makes us stand out from the rest of the private label business in the global market? We will walk you through our core dynamics and principles, which lead us to showcase the most authentic and classy shoes.

Four features that define Hoog

“Quality is our middle name,” says Hoog. These four core principles and characters define Hoog and make it different from the rest of the private label businesses in the market today.

Top-notch Quality

This is the crucial feature of Hoog design. The custom-made shoes are made from premium quality leather. We use high-quality genuine leather for the manufacture of shoes. We acknowledge the full-fledged benefits and the role of leather as it is long-lasting, durable, and comfortable. Hoog is known for its luxury and elegance. For reassurance, our team conducts quality tests to ensure that the material is good and is processed further.


Hoog shoes define being classy as the ability to be adorable yet show authority. The shoes manufactured in Hoog are handmade. And that makes it a genuine piece. The significant piece with a touch of convention and a sparkle of magic comes from the hands of the craftsman of Hoog. 

We make assure that every shoe from our store should be a world-class piece. The premium quality leather is stitched and finished aptly into a finesse shoe that manifests only neat and stiff. The craftsman at Hoog weaves the leather piece into the parts at first and stitches the components. What results is a shoe that everyone loves to wear.

Splendid step-by-step production

Hoog shoes go through multiple shapes before it sneaks it your foot. The production system at Hoog is strategic and organized, ensuring nothing is faulty. There are multiple processes like making a design blueprint, making the shoe last, sewing, stamping, assembling the stitched components, and finally, furnishing and polishing the shoe. 

The multiple steps are taken with utmost care to ensure zero scratches and wrinkles. A polished, smooth surfaced shoe you see is a result of a capable production system wonderfully carried out by our company.

Multiple techniques of manufacturing

We at Hoog use different techniques to produce the finest quality shoes. The methods we use in the shoe-making process include Fused pattern, debossing and embossing, embroidery, 3D printing, silk printing, woven label and ribbon attaching, metal and plastic icons, decorations, binding and folding, and much more. The methods we use are an eye for detail and are the bulletproof reason Hoog stands out from the market.

Marketing competitiveness

As aforementioned, Hoog is the leading private shoe label business in Dubai. We are aware of the brand culture, the trends, the patterns that youngsters and professionals follow, and new techniques in making shoes. Currently, Hoog is concentrating much more on rising its level to the international range, and due to its competitive nature, it will soon reach the peaks of the global market.

All these five features are Hoog’s basic principles which are not compromised at any cost. And we realize it came true when we see the happy reviews of our customers who are content with our products. Hoog is committed to offering exceptional service, top-notch quality, and hassle-free delivery all across the globe. Our CEO Mr. Shahzad Faizal put efforts into making.

The unbreakable vision of Hoog

Hoog the best business in the world. His vision of everyone accessing world-class shoes differentiates him from everyone else. With his 25 years of expertise and experience, he could manifest the peak potential of Hoog and raise it to a global level. Our CEO Mr. Shahzad Faisal drives the ultimate form and force of creativity, had led Hoog to make a groundbreaking revolution in the shoe industry.