Fix Utorrent Connection Error 10047 On Windows Pc

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  • To prevent the virus injection, and repair your system after the past virus activity case, I recommend you to use GridinSoft Anti-Malware.
  • The blockchain does not need your computer resources to process transactions, so BitTorrent applications will never mine.
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If all of these fail to solve your problem, then the problem might be your torrent file – dead torrent . Because uTorrent downloading is based on Peers to Peers connection , the seeds decrease and the Torrent file becomes dead and impossible to download. Type “run” in the search box and from the keyboard hit “enter”. As an alternate, you can also press “windows key + R” to open the run. For those who do not know keep in mind that if the Windows firewall has blocked any application or feature then it can either misbehave or not respond.

An audio player for one bit of audio that includes JavaScript insertion. Downloading a torrent with 100 seeds means there are 100 different directories to check to get the complete file. For optimal safety and speed, I recommend going with a premium VPN. The reviews published on vpnMentor are written by experts that examine the products according to our strict reviewing standards. The rankings we publish may take into consideration the affiliate commissions we earn for purchases through links on our website. VpnMentor contains reviews that are written by our community reviewers, and are based on the reviewers’ independent and professional examination of the products/services.


When a uTorrent gets stuck on connecting to peers, it could point to a problem with your network configuration. To help you, the uTorrent client includes a setup guide that will check your network and configure uTorrent’s settings to the most optimal configuration. Lastly, since torrent connections are often unsafe, your antivirus could proactively block them as well.

You can only stop being stuck with a dead torrent by downloading from another one. UTorrent not responding was not that a big issue with version 3.2.1, and once upgraded to 3.4.5, users are again met with uTorrent 3.4.5 not responding. All you now have to do is restart your system and reinstall uTorrent.

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We don’t recommend going with L2TP/IPsec, as that’s the “weakest” protocol of the bunch. Luckily for us, ExpressVPN offers a wide range of VPN protocols, so you’ll have options to choose from on just about any platform. To fix uTorrent’s problems with ExpressVPN, you’ll want to do the following. Torrenting slow download speeds, very high upload speeds.

But if not, we should open a new port on your router. Doing this depends on your router model, so it’s best to consult a guide specific to your router for achieving this. It also helps that qBitorrent support UPnP (Universal Plug n’ Play), so the torrent client will actually automatically search for and temporarily open the best port for you. Now, navigate to “Connections” option and make sure “Enable UPnP port mapping” option is checked.

Restart the application and see if your problem is solved. Hover the Remove And option and select the “Delete .torrent + Data” option. Next, click Programs and then Run programs made for previous versions of Windows under Programs and Features. Also, do this if you have installed a third-party antivirus on your system.