Footwear designers for private label production

Private label businesses are sustainable businesses that occupy their empire whole across the world. Footwear private label businesses have a full-fledged demand for quality production of footwear. Footwear is what makes people attractive. Keeping this in mind, private label businesses strive to unravel the current trends and patterns that all footwear lovers will follow. 

Hoog is a leading private label business with various shoe and footwear products. Through its designing process and strategic production, the Hoog store is emerging as a robust private label business across the global markets. 

What makes Hoog stand out from other businesses?
  1. Its exceptional service to its customers.
  2. The high-quality shoes are made from genuine leather.
  3. High market competitiveness.
  4. Mastermind designers who follow current trends
  5. Hassle-free delivery all across the globe 

And therefore, today, Hoog stands among the global private business visionaries as a magnet for many other companies. And that is all because of our designer teams who are in a tireless mission to let everyone access this vast collection and also in a mission to make the company world-class. More often than not, we also encounter questions about how our design team works. And we are letting you access the designing teams primarily responsible for the classy shoes we are seeing today.

Our designing team doesn’t just designs

There is always off-the-stage work involved in the design team, and it’s much less about decorations and more about the research. Our design teams are very skilled enough to make a statement. Their exceptional ability to identify the customers’ pain points and needs is one of the significant reasons customers love our new arrivals. Here are some of the topics that describe how our design team works.

This is why we appreciate and adore our designer teams:  

  1. Designers at Hoog are incredibly experienced.  The designers at Hoog are masters of arts and are very well experienced in different forms and techniques of designing. Our designers have more than 10 years of experience and are the pro at what they do. From selecting raw materials to making awe-inspiring footwear models, our designers go hand in hand. And it is through their potential that we can manifest our dream vision.
  2. The brainy behind the trending collections. 

    Being a footwear designer and leading a team is never easy. Our designers are always behind researching and unraveling all the trends going viral in the industry and bringing them to fruition. You can find them always brainstorming about new ideas, collections, and models and contemplating what works and does not. The most fantastic shoes you will see today are the results of a lot of hard work, juggling through multiple models and ideas.

  3. Our designers carry out highly strategic market research

    Market research is a critical process for all footwear designers. And our team put their heart wholeheartedly into the market research to understand the current market trends, to pick up the pain points of the audience, the needs and wants of the customer, the pattern of pricing, the analytics, and dynamics of selling footwear, the demand and supply chain and so much more. Market research is a vast process to carry out, which also takes more time and creativity. And for this, designers should be experts at managing the calm and the chaos and encompass high cognitive abilities. And given all these talents, our team makes it the best. 

  4.  They carry out the research and the development part.Research and development is the next part of market research and is a pivotal step in shoe-making. This step includes material sourcing, the shoe’s last development, preparing the software for the 3D printing, and many more processes. A process sequence is carried out right before starting to build the prototype. Turing designs into production-friendly models are the main reason behind R&D teams.

    And finally, they design!

    This is the final stage of designing. And this is the stage where manifesting the idea in mind into the 3D takes place. This stage involves the selection of raw materials and building of the prototypes, shoe lasts, and ultimately sending the assembled shoes into the shoe room. And this is how every new model shoe takes birth. It takes a lot of patience, conviction, and creativity to bring out the best and most acceptable models to the audience. 

Hats off to all the designers!

Designing is the most crucial process of all. The process is not only just taken with care and accuracy but also with utmost love and passion towards the profession and the audience. Sometimes we fail to appreciate the people behind the stage, which is an opportunity.