Hoog- Handmade Oxford Shoes: Types of Oxford Shoes

Oxfords are considered to be the most elegant type of men’s shoes. They’re classic, timeless, and a men’s formal wear staple. You can never go wrong with a pair of Oxfords with a tuxedo, suit, or business look.

The very definition of a smart shoe, the Oxford is named after The University of Oxford when students rebelled against the University’s requirement for knee-high boots during the mid-19th century. Wanting to wear shoes that provided more movement, students designed the mid-high boots, and this pair of shoes eventually evolved into the Oxfords.

How to Identify an Oxford Shoe

First things first, how do you identify an Oxford shoe? With so many variations and similar-looking men’s shoes, how do you know if a pair of leather shoes is an Oxford?

There are three telling details:

  1. They expose your ankles by sitting under them.
  2. They have a low heel.
  3. A closed lacing system stitched under the vamp.

The lacing system of the Oxford is the most telling detail. The closed lacing system is located under the vamp, making the Oxford snugger on foot, and having a cleaner and more streamlined appearance. Because of this, it is more elegant and formal.

Types of Oxford Shoes

There are a few types of Oxford shoes featuring different sets of details. The fewer details the more formal the Oxford is. Here are the 4 major types of Oxford Shoes:

1.Cap-Toe Oxfords

The cap-toe Oxford is the most common and it features an extra piece of leather stitched to the top of the shoe, where your toes lie.

Cap-toe Oxfords are great for business casual looks rather than formal tie-events. However, if the cap-toe Oxford comes in black patent leather, and the cap toe isn’t so visible, they can be worn with more formal outfits such as a tux or tailored suit.

2.Plain Toe Oxfords

The plain toe is the most formal and the most elegant. They are the go-to choice for formal occasions such as black-tie events. The tip of the shoe is usually round, with no added details, giving it a sleeker and cleaner look than the cap-toe Oxford.

3.Wingtip Oxfords

These are the most decorative Oxfords of all and can feature broguing, or known as perforations used as design elements on the shoe. They are a variation of the cap-toe Oxfords, but instead of a straight, horizontal leather added on the tip of the show, the wingtip is shaped like the letter “M” or “W,” with the leather patch extending along the sides.

These Oxfords are not ideal for black-tie events and are more ideal for weddings or corporate looks.

4. WHOLE CUT Oxfords

This is a rare type of Oxford shoe because it requires mastery of skill and expert craftsmanship from the shoemaker, making them more expensive.

It is characterized by a whole-cut piece of leather created to shape the Oxford shoe. There is very little stitching and it features a smooth, sleek, and streamlined look that makes it ideal for formal wear.

Oxfords are a must in a man’s shoe collection because they are elegant, formal, and the best choice to wear with formal wear and black tie events. They’re reliable and you can never go wrong with a pair of Oxford shoes in your shoe collection.

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