Hoog Shoes – Handcrafted Leather Shoes

A great pair of shoes can help complete an outfit and make you look stunning. It has been challenging to find great leather shoes, but with Hoogstore growing every day, that is no longer an issue. Hoog is a supplier of leather shoes for formal occasions as well as casual and sports shoes.

The company does shoe export to the world’s best-selling brands along with online retail in the United Arab Emirates and England. Hoog shoes will be launching soon in Australia, Pakistan, and India. It is essential to the team at Hoogstore that their customers are satisfied, and that is why they endeavor to provide high-quality leather footwear.


Slip-on Loafers
The company specialist on slip-on loafers shoes for men. These are made with high-quality leather and come in a variety of colors. They are durable, which ensures that you can use them for a long time. The high-quality material ensures that they do not tear easily, and customers, both wholesale and retail, are happy with the products. The shoes are also very stylish, and customers can find shoes that work with various outfits. Hoog has a team of expert shoe designers who help to create excellent slip-on loafer shoes for men. The designers are well trained and knowledgeable about the latest changes in fashion.

Private Label Supplier
Great shoe brands are made to stand out, and that is why the Hoog designers take the time to craft a perfect shoe for your brand. If you are looking to design a new brand or planning to add a new collection to your existing shoe brand, the Hoog team will help you create excellent brands that appeal to new customers. The design team takes the time to listen to you and advise you on the best way to create a shoe brand that will appeal to customers. Hoog shoe designers are passionate about design and will work with you to create the perfect shoe for you.

Shoe Sampling
The company also provides shoe sampling services to ensure that customers get the best. You can check several shoe designs to find one that works for your customers. Some of the shoes they have created include Wingtip, Brogue Oxford Shoe, Penny Loafer shoe, and Slip-on Loafer shoe.

The company also crafts excellent sneakers that are comfortable and easy to wear even on long hikes. The sneakers come in various colors, ensuring that you can find something perfect for running or hiking. Hoog designers also work with businesses to create new sneakers for them. In case you are starting a business, Hoog will help you create brands that will appeal to prospective clients.

Leather Care
Hoog does not only create shoes but also ensures that they also help clients care for the shoes. The company produces cleaning and polishing kits as well as leather care products. These products enhance the longevity of the shoes and improve their appearance.

About the CEO
Hoog was established in 2016 to produce high-quality leather shoes. Shahzad Faisal is the CEO of the company and has helped propel it to greater heights with clients in nearly all the continents. He has great people management skills and is a growth driver. With him at the helm, Hoogstore is likely to continue expanding and growing its client base.