How to decrease or reduce the upload speed in uTorrent

Launch YTD Video Downloader (if it’s not already running). Copy and paste the YouTube address from your browser into YTD’s URL field. Pro customers get access to direct customer support, which boils down to a standard ticket form that you can access by uploading your uTorrent Pro license key.

  • Having DHT and Peer Exchange enabled in the BitTorrent section ensures you will be able to access the widest pool of peers for your file.
  • The more leeches a file has versus seeds will make the file download slower, as there are more people accessing the file.
  • If it’s lower, you became a leecher who takes more and gives less to the community.
  • Everything looks terrific, and you want to grab it all.

But, it doesn’t provide you with the best downloading speed. With that in mind, if you’re annoyed by slow downloads, consider switching to a wired connection. The Auto Limit option that controls upload speed is disabled. I am using 20 Mbps line and still upload speed is showing 100 KBps without any limit from my side. But as I said in my previous comments above if you read it, I said to put the upload value half of your bandwidth line if say you have 1 Gbps line. This is good for both torrent environment and the user.

Check for viruses

Check our best VPN section for the best option for you. A VPN will route your connection through a secure server, allow you to access blocked torrent sites, and help you remain anonymous. Make sure you get a VPN with dedicated P2P servers, like NordVPN. This type of server guarantees fast speeds when doing peer-to-peer file sharing.

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Step 6: Sometimes You May Want to Prioritize Your Downloads

Getting more peers for a torrent will definitely improve the health of a torrent file, especially if they are seeders. All the data of the content is served by servers known as trackers. There is no such ideal combination of queue settings in the utorrent client. Everything depends on your needs and your resources. You can queue more than 50 torrents and the client will run, but each torrent will take a piece of your bandwidth. The first step is to check how much speed is your utorrent client able to pull.

Guys how do i make my utorrent download speeds faster, its taking way too long to even get past the 1gb mark

Torrenting without vpn and I mean a paid one is just not a smart move. Pay for a good vpn and you will be very safe online and your ISP won’t know a thing. This is important to remember since many torrent files can contain some pretty nasty stuff. Checking the contents of your torrent file is also important since you’ll often find a lot of junk files . As you can see, this particular file has a 6/10 rating for picture quality and a 7/10 rating for audio quality. The first one has the most seeders , while the second result only has 211 seeders.