New Shoe Brand Hoog Shoes Growth

The size of the global footwear market was almost $365.5 billion in 2020 and the value is said to cross $530.3 billion in 2027. To be honest, competing in such potential and growing market is not easy. It takes authentic quality and value-adding products to achieve revenue growth. Being the top-selling brand in UAE and GCC countries, Hoog experienced a huge increase in the demand for luxury and handcrafted shoes. 

The sales have grown by leaps and bounds as the last quarter of 2021 seems to achieve three-digit growth. Apart from outstanding product quality and a wide range of footwear products, the spending patterns of the consumers have also supported the business growth. Consumer perspective about footwear has changed over the years and Hoog has been successful at delivering the desired level of comfort and style.

Powered by Creativity and Exclusiveness

The consumer market in UAE and GCC countries is too picky about product selection and that’s why many global footwear companies have failed to make an impact here. Hoog is a UAE-based brand that not only understands the demand of the local markets but also exceeds the customers’ expectations with flawless designs and high-end quality products. 

Designer shoes have always been way too expensive for a large portion of the footwear consumer market. Hoog has made it possible for the common consumer to enjoy the luxury of exquisite shoe designs at an affordable budget.

Achieving all-time High Sales and Growth

It is no secret that the sale of luxury and designer shoes has gone up in recent years. The consecutive rise in the demand for quality products and increasing spending power of consumers has opened up many opportunities for the brands like Hoog.

For a long time, Hoog has specifically targeted the Middle East market and the GCC countries. The past few business years have been the most impactful as not only the sales grow at unexceptional rates but Hoog is also entering the new markets soon.

Expanding Business Beyond Borders

Business expansion was the ultimate goal that the brand going to achieve in 2023. Hoog is all set to enter new markets in Asia, Europe and Middle East next year. Despite fierce competition in the market, we aim to earn the reputation as the luxury brand that delivers what’s promised. From production creation to private label shoe manufacturing, Hoog is going to touch different sectors of the shoe manufacturing industry in the said regions. 

Hoog Shoes is focused on new market development and its strong presence in the UAE and Middle East markets has enabled us to discard assumptions and provide the precise products that customers demand. Recently, the overwhelming response from the Indian creative minds for the footwear design competition is proof of the popularity of Hoog Shoes in the region.  

Renowned Shoe Brand is Coming to your Market 

Do you want to experience the comfort and style of Hoog designer shoes? Well, the time is near when Hoog Shoes will be available at your new local outlets in Germany, Turkey, Pakistan, India, and the Philippines. Available in London and headquartered in UAE, Hoog is offering the best footwear products to the best clients in the region. If you value comfort and authenticity, Hoog is for you.