Popular Formal Dress Shoes for Business Meetings

“The first thing I notice about a man is his shoes. Then I look at his watch” wonderful words by the famous Italian designer, Frida Giannini. Shoes are an inseparable part of a business look, without a doubt. What makes it look bright yet calm depends on the combo of shoes that we choose. How would it look when you combine your business attire with the wrong choice of shoes? Sassy or dowdy? Dowdy right? For instance, imagine you are wearing a tuxedo with a pair of flip-flops, which would be corny. So it is primitive to choose the right shoes for your business meetings. Hoog makes you get ready for the executive look! This post will help you pick the right shoe for yourself and stand out with your unique style with the snap of a finger! You wouldn’t need a designer after reading this post. So stick till the end!

If you want to know which are correct, first know which
are wrong!

Choosing the wrong pair of shoes causes havoc in your style. Either it looks unprofessional or outdated. In that case, you should know what you will wear that represents you! You should avoid wearing these for your professional meetings:
● Sneakers
● Sandals
● Flip flops
● Espadrilles
● Boat shoes
● Patent leather shoes

How to choose the perfect pair of shoes for your suit?
Hoog spills the secret!

Business casual shoes are shoes worn with a business suit to make it look professional yet relaxed for any business purpose. Hoog Store helps you select the perfect shoes you need for your meetings.

1. Comfortability
This is the first thing you should be looking for. Sandals or oxford, never mind! If it isn’t comfortable, it snatches your confidence while walking.

2. Soft upper part
It’s not just one meeting; there are many more, and you might want to use the same. Choose shoes such that the upper part of the shoes is soft so that it wouldn’t create creases while walking.

3. Pick out the shoes that go with your belt.
Select the shoes that match your belt. This is a massive point that you should never miss!

4. Chase behind lace-up shoes
This is one of the best tips given by the Hoog Store. For professional meetings and presentations, Lace-up shoes hit the jackpot!

5. Feel the fabric!
Leather is the most commonly used fabric. But it’s also the type of leather you should be careful of. Often more formal shoes have a sleek shiny surface on the shoe’s upper part.

Ace your business meetings!

The goal of every business person is to make their dream client sign for the project! Power up your confidence and look magnetic. Hoog presents you with five different types of shoes you can’t afford to miss.

1. Brogue
If your wardrobe doesn’t have a pair of brogues, you missed it! The well-perforated stylish shoes make perfect for your business look, and these are much more casual. The broguing on the upper shoes goes undeniably well with your suit.

2. Derby
Derby shoes are much more pointed than brogues, while some have perforations. These are neither too casual nor too formal so they can fit a classy yet official style, and they can be made into a combo with any suit in your wardrobe.

3. Oxford Shoe
Oxford shoes are as famous as the Arabian Sea! This is a must for the official appearance you desire to look like. This is the masterpiece if you have a presentation or a client meeting. The best feature of this design is the close lacing which makes it a composed and formal look.

4. Loafers
The ecstatic casual for business that suits any suit. You will be amazed at the comfort it gives after you wear it. Because of their slip-on and off design, you would not have to worry about the laces, making them easier to wear.

5. Chukka Shoe
If you are looking for ankle-high shoes that wouldn’t be as casual or too stylish for your business outfit, this is for you! Though these chukka boots are ancient, they are never out of fashion and look dashing when worn with hues.

It’s time for a personal selection. Which of these shoes do you choose for your business meetings? Well, whatever may be your choice, Hoog is your best bet. Hoog is a private shoe supplier manifesting as the leading designer of shoes in the footwear industry. We manufacture every shoe with care and compassion so that they are voguish, comfortable, and don’t burn a hole in your pocket! The heart and brain of this company Mr. Shahzad Faisal who rebranded the company, made all the dreams of shoe lovers come true! Our company is the personal designer you’ll ever need