Steps Involved in Making Private Label for Shoes

Whether you want shoes on a small scale or large scale, you need private label shoe suppliers that will work with you and guide you every step of the way. This is the only way you will know whether the company can meet your exact needs. At Hoogstore, we have the resources and the experience that will guide you through the whole process and ensure you end up with quality shoes for your brand.

Selecting the materials

The quality of the materials used to make the shoes will contribute to the overall quality of the product. You, therefore, need to select your materials carefully, which means working with experts. The private label shoe suppliers you choose to work with should have the expertise and the patience to guide you through the steps professionally. Our company understands your needs and will take time to understand your brand and targeted demographic before helping you choose the best materials for the job.

Developing the prototype

This step involves understanding your needs and you submitting your designs. Prototyping is crucial as it gives you a practical idea of what your products will be and how your targeted customers are likely to react to them.
Our first step will be to create the prototype of the private label for shoes that you want. We will then give you some samples to determine whether they match your customer’s needs. The samples will contain the replicas of the final product, so they should give you a true reflection of the labels.

Manufacturing of the minimum order

After you confirm that the private label for shoes fit your brand and your target demographic, we will proceed to manufacture the minimum quantity. The minimum quantity has been set to allow every client to get suitable solutions for their needs. We will make sure you get the quantity that suits your budget as soon as possible. Several factors determine our pricing. Such as the complexity of your design and the type of materials needed.
Whether you want private label men’s shoes or women’s shoes, you should always have them manufactured in small batches. You will be able to test the market before proceeding with larger production quantities. If your customers don’t react to our private labels as well as you hoped, you can always change your designs and reap more benefits.


When manufacturing is done, the final step will be to choose packaging that suits your brand. You can have them custom made with your brand g or name, or you can have them in different designs for private label men’s shoes, women’s shoes, or kid’s shoes. You should also check the quality of the paper on your packaging and the quality of print to ensure they are at par with what your brand represents.


Hoogstore is here to ensure all your private label needs are met and your uniqueness is showcased through your products. You can rely on us to deliver premium products that will impress your customers and get you the client base you need to thrive. Contact us today, and we will give you more information about our private labeling process.