Why design a shoe from Hoog Store?

The perfectly tailored suit doesn’t just need an everyday shoe, but a classy, elegant shoe that matches your outfit. Hoog Store have its way for you!


A variety of collections of snazzy shoes designed and crafted by Hoog Store. Hoog is a private label supplier of Men’s shoes that designs, crafts, and offers its products globally. We are the leading design hub and supplier in the shoe industry and have emerged as the best company in the market. We promise our clientele group the best and finest shoes ever in history. We are very proud to offer remarkable service and prompt response. We design elegant, exceptional shoes that are handcrafted with their naturality.

Leather makes our brand unique.

The most trusted ingredient everybody looks at when buying shoes is leather. And why not? Leather is the most durable material chosen for clothing and shoes. Hoog Store uses high-quality leather, making our shoes easily breathable and comfortable to wear so that it just glides smoothly on the feet, giving you a refined, stylish look!

Behind the scenes of making on-fleek shoes

It’s not the destination but the journey. Every shoe at our store is beautifully tailored by our specialized craftsman using traditional techniques and design tools. We also acknowledge the current fashion trends to print stylish shoes. So, we promise. You won’t go ramshackle! Our team experts will make you a way through our unique design process and sequences. Sequencing matters, and that’s what makes it a beautiful melody. You will be amazed at our final journey where the shoes look as pretty as a picture.

Brand Research – The first and foremost thing we should focus on is the competitor brand. It is crucial to perform the brand research to dig the missing hole in the market and manifest a unique design that is a brand-new and fashionable design to the audience. Once the pit hole is identified, it’s time to create the blueprint to elucidate your mission and vision.

Recognizing the needs – Identifying the compliances and obligations of the customers is critical to meeting their needs and dreams. Therefore, gazing at new fashion trends and acknowledging their comfortability is beneficial.

Designing the prototype – Designing the prototype of the shoe is as important as manufacturing it. Whether a loafer, oxford, or slip-on preparing an eye-catching prototype aids in easy designing and product crafting.

Binding and Folding – When designing, the cut edges of the components need unique treatments to give them a fine finishing. Hoog Store is an expert at handcarts, taking every step with good care. We use different binding methods, such as French, Italian, and English. Shoe components are neatly folded over the edge, stuck hammered down, and tailored by a top-line stitch on the top. The skived edge of the leather on the upper shoe must be folded accurately for its neat appearance, increasing the visual attractiveness. The skived edges are stacked together and folded either by stitch or a strong adhesive.

3D printing – 3D printing has become the new trend and has left a benchmark in the footwear industry. Hoog uses the 3d printing technique to design ultra-modern shoes that are charming. The top half of the shoe resembles a printing canvas. We use silk as a printing plate basis. Ink is put over the silk printing and printed over the shoe. This created the desired logo for the shoe. Even digital printers print desired custom photos and graphics, which need a high temperature and pressure set up to transfer the pattern on the shoe upper. The benefit of using this method is that the shoes will be safe without a scratch on the surface.

Accessories – The company’s logo or emblem is the essential metal accessory that is printed on the shoe upper. It also can be buckles and other metal fittings, which enhance the shoe’s beauty and makes it attractive.

Threads for visual attraction – Decorative colors and punches are used to increase the beauty of the shoes. Perforated holes with aesthetic designs are created such that they make the shoes not only breathable but also fashionable. This is done at the shoe upper or front section of the vamp and sides of the shoes. This type of shoe is known as ‘Brogues,’ which gives an enchanting look to the outfit.

Punching the company logo – Punching the company’s logo is very important since it represents the brand, making the people remember it even once out of the blue.

Two methods can do it.

Embossing: Embossing refers to the carving or molding of the logo on the shoe’s surface, which appears elevated on the shoe giving it a natural touch.

Debossing: Debossing refers to stamping the logo or design on the shoe’s surface and indenting its strategy to make it more attractive. Either way, the design can be imprinted on the shoe to represent the brand identity.

We craft the shoes with Patience, Passion, and Love

Making shoes is not a simple task; it requires passion, patience, love, and care for the brand and the customer. We have designed and manufactured several types of shoes that look voguish and are perfect for any feet. And thus, Hoog emerges as a leading designer in the hub of the footwear industry.


The mission of the company is to design the shoes that you dream and our company’s expertise will best fit your experience. Our distinguished CEO, Mr. Shahzad Faisal, brought the mission into existence. Renowned business strategist with 15 years of professionalism in strategic planning, business orientation, and client relationship management. He is also the founder of Hoog Store, the leading design house and supplier in the shoe industry with expertise in product management, sourcing, and line merchandising. His mission is to make the dream possible to design elegant and steezy shoes for thousands of shoe lovers and junkies.