About Us


Who We Are

With a team of experienced designers who study the latest fashion trends globally, HOOG is a leading Design House and Supplier within the shoe industry with capabilities in product development, line merchandising, sourcing, and product distribution.

For the last decade, we started offering private label shoe manufacturing businesses with one aim, to provide entrepreneurs and businesses with affordable premium goods. Soon, Hoog earned the market trust and we started offering sustainable shoe manufacturing, handmade shoes, and many other products to the global markets. Now, Hoog is one of the most trusted private label shoe manufacturers in the world with diverse clientele all over the world.


HOOG is committed to delivering highest quality, exceptional service, quick response, marketing competitiveness besides the best advice in shoe designing.

All this is accomplished with a corporate culture that emphasizes teamwork, humility, respect for others, and above all creativity. We are a culture that strives to reflect these values not only in its own operations, but also through serving the community and our partners.

We are proud of delivering high quality shoe products to a wide variety of labels worldwide for a collection of diverse brands.

Soft Leather Lining

Consumers often only pay attention to whether they like a shoe and whether it fits well. What is inside the shoe should also be a decisive factor: the shoe lining is often underestimated when buying shoes, despite being a key factor when it comes to comfort and health.

The most natural shoe lining is leather. Hoog Store used a premium quality leather, mainly a calf skin leather. The advantage of leather lining is its excellent breathability and moisture absorption capabilities. Leather is the only lining material that can absorb up to three times its own weight in water. Leather is therefore superior in terms of breathability and moisture absorption, even when compared with high-tech materials such as microfiber, due to the fact that it consists of tiny fibers and features open pores.

Incidentally, leather lining is also optimally suited for wearing shoes barefoot in the summer. In addition, leather has the advantage that it is breathable, skin-friendly, supple, crack-resistant, robust, and durable and retains its shape well.

Hand-cut and Stitched

At Hoog Store, every shoe is made completely by hand using decades-old techniques, patterns and equipment. It is made exclusively by our highly skilled artisans. They understand our unique shoe making philosophy and combine this with their own craftsmanship.

The shoemaking process, largely unchanged since Hoog Store inception, begins with cutting the leather for the shoe. Highly trained leather cutters carefully lay out the sharp cutting dies on each large piece of leather. Selecting the highest quality sections of leather to cut is an art form executed by a highly trained and well experienced team.

To precisely form the shape of our footwear, the leather is pulled over a foot-shaped last. The shape of the last varies depending on the footwear style. Once the leather is secured over the last, the shoe is welted or stitched down, depending on construction.

The outsole is manually stitched or glued to the midsole. This requires highly proficient hand-eye coordination to ensure that the final step in the construction process is perfectly completed.

Comfort Insoles - Hoog

Comfort Insoles

Comfort insoles are made to provide your feet with cushion and support. When you insert your feet in the shoes, you’ll notice the stability they provide and the protection from any stress or strain that your feet endure throughout the day. Making comfort insoles with leather ensures that the products look great, feel comfortable, and ensure durability of the product.

Straining your feet often leads to various foot conditions like problems with your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and even the bones. Taking care of your feet goes a long way in ensuring that you avoid any major conditions later in life. However, various parts of your feet react differently to stress placed on them daily; however, with additional support from comfort insoles, you’ll be able to reduce the risk.

Vegan Leather

Faux leather and vegan leather have one property placing the two different products in one category; their leather is not made from animal skin. We can use various materials in vegan leather production. These materials include synthetic materials like plastic and other more natural materials like cork.

The most common materials used to make synthetic leather are polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), both plastic-based. Materials used to make PU leather are often used due to their wrinkled texture that mimics the effect of real leather. This is where the other term for fake leather pleather is derived from the term plastic leather.

The two synthetic materials used have raised many questions regarding their safety and danger to the environment. Few vegan leather materials are produced from natural materials; however, you could likely use other materials like a cork (check out our cork collection and learn more about cork here), pineapple leaves, and even kelp.

Genuine Leather

There are few more important considerations for a leather brand than in deciding which cut to choose. Here’s a little bit about full grain and why we felt it was the best choice for many of our designs.

Full grain refers to the strongest and most durable part of the hide of an animal, which is just below the hair and has not been sanded, buffed or snuffed (as opposed to corrected grain) which means it displays the more natural characteristics of leather.

As the grain surface is left intact before applying the surface coating, the leather has more fiber strength and durability and as it ages, it will develop a patina over time. Full-grain leather often comes with an aniline finish that stains or dyes the leather while still allowing the natural grain to show through, this subtle finish allows the leather to continue to breathe, as opposed to other types of leather which are sanded down and given a thicker finish coat.

Our Mission

To make it possible for more people to discover and obtain their dream shoes. We assure our customers that there is no need to compromise with their vision or quality standards. We strive to make the selection and purchase of a new pair of shoes a unique experience, expression of your creativity, individual style and perfection.